Our Team

Agapios Dimosthenous

Managing Director

Agapios Dimosthenous is the Founder & Director of S.N.A. SEASIDE CYPRUS LTD. Seaside is is involved in various sectors of investment including specialized Real Estate Developments in Cyprus and Greece. He has been a Consultant, Advisor and Investment specialist since 2004, engaging in Property Developing, Property Investments, Sales, Marketing and Management.

He is also a Certified Consultant in Management, Sales, Client Relations and Leadership. In recent years, he has been focused on Business Development projects through his clientele in the Middle East orientated towards designing and implementing growth strategies, tactics and action plans for overseas investors and other organizations. He is the Sales Manager of PHN VALUE ESTATES LTD, a Real Estate & Valuation firm regulated by RICS in Cyprus. He is also the General Manager of MESOGIOS HOLDINGS, a Land & Property Developing company based in Pafos, Cyprus.

Philippos Nicolaou

Director | Head of Investment Analysis Unit 

Philippos is the Founder and Director of PHN VALUE ESTATES LTD, an established Property Valuation and Real Estate Agency company based in Larnaca & Pafos since 2014. He is an Investment Analysis Specialist with a background in Property Valuation, Real Estate Consultancy, Property Management and extended Feasibility Studies. He is registered and regulated by RICS (Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors) and he is also a Member of ETEK (Scientific & Technical Chamber of Cyprus).

Philippos is responsible for analyzing and evaluating properties to determine their value in the short and long term period. He is certified to work for all local banks in Cyprus as well as other financial institutions that hold large portfolios of real estate assets.

Kornilia Chrysostomou

Financial Advisor

Kornilia has a Financial background of studies and expertise since 2001. As an Investment Consultant, she helps clients to gain a better understanding of their financial goals and investment objectives by analyzing financial data and market trends in order to develop investment plans that meet our clients’ needs.

She provides ongoing portfolio management services to ensure that investments remain aligned with clients’ objectives when at the same time she monitors and evaluates the actual investment performance in order to stay up-to-date with changes in the financial industry and market trends.

Paul Jose Aricatt

Head of  Operations | Middle East

Paul Aricatt is leading operations of Seaside in the GCC area. He is a strategy and investment consultant, specialized in designing national strategies, mergers and acquisitions, enterprise valuations and expansion strategies. Paul is also an advisor to multiple businesses and family offices in the GCC.

Paul is currently the executive director of Empact Consulting a regional consulting firm as well as  Seaside’s trusted representative across all the GCC countries providing advisory support to institutional and private investors in the areas of new businesses, investments, and expansion of existing businesses and portfolios. Paul and his team guide and advise clients in areas related to Portfolio management as well as Generating wealth in attractive real estate investments.

John Arosh

Head of Operations | India 

John Arosh is Head of Operations in India and is also the founder of John Real Estate, based in Mumbai. Arosh John has over a decade of experience in the sector enabling him to identify his clients’ vision for the perfect slice of real estate. With passion and professionalism underlying every action, he deftly juggles multiple responsibilities in the companies, including research and analysis, implementing ideas, solutions and strategies for growth and offering one-of-a-kind customer experiences.

He also brings his considerable knowledge and expertise to the digital marketing and branding strategies of the company. His journey to success isn’t a solitary one. Over the years, he has built a dedicated team of professionals and is committed to their growth as much as that of the company’s.

Michael Psaltas

Head of Innovation & Energy projects

Dr. Michael is the CEO of Darnasus Engineering and the Exclusive Engineering Advisor of Seaside, on all innovation and energy projects. He is specialized in water treatment technology solutions, equipment supply, waste water biological treatment and water desalination. He has designed, constructed and successfully operates aircraft sewage treatment plants in different airports in which Seaside is one of the advisors and Investment consultants. Dr. Michael is engaged in different Energy and Sustainable projects for different types and scales of organizations with a focus on Environmental planning solutions and reducing Carbon Emissions. In summary, he has a wealth of experience in advisory services, engineering and technology and he is passionate about all Innovative projects that can change the world.

Dr. Ioannis Vardopoullos

Senior Sustainability Consultant & Advisor

Ioannis Vardopoullos is Seaside’s sustainability consultant and advisor. He has studied civil engineering, did his postgraduate studies first in environmental management and conservation and later in sustainable development with honors distinction. Holding a doctorate in applied urban sustainability, he conducts high-quality research towards addressing key concerns of the contemporary build environment through principles of applied sustainability. His research interests include a wide range of urban sustainability aspects. Through his expertise and knowledge, we assist our clients and Investors to reduce their carbon output and create robust Net Zero strategies for their Real estate investment portfolios. www.ivardopoulos.com