Solar & Innovation

Invest In Seaside’s Renewable Energy Projects For High ROI & Sustainable Future

Seaside Cyprus along with our collaborating partners, design and build licensed photovoltaic parks in Cyprus. Such natural and renewable sources of energy offer attractive investment opportunities with high ROI. With more than 320 days of sunshine, Cyprus is one of the most attractive destinations for solar park investments. Solar Investments have become a popular choice for investors due to their decreasing cost and increasing productivity.

Airport Solutions

Transformative Projects and Innovative Technologies.

Our line of green energy projects also refers to investments in auxiliary technologies that are important for green energy transition such as aircraft sewage treatment, desalination projects, waste water treatment solutions and home MBR technology systems. Along with our partners we design, construct and successfully operate turnkey projects in the above sectors for our investors and we have the dynamic, the expertise and the knowhow to deliver and develop facilities worldwide.

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